Get to know our company

About our company:

Foundation: We have been operating since our foundation September 14, 1948
Number of employees: 150
2019 annual turnover: 2,4 million Euro

Main product groups:
  • Women’s fashion clothing (dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, blazers, T-shirts) made of various types of materials, but mainly knitted and crocheted and with high elasticity, for German, Italian and French customers. 
  • As for leisure clothing, we produce all kinds of wear, ensembles, tops, trousers, buttoned and plain t-shirts for German and domestic clients.
  • We also make hospital nursing and patient clothes for a Swiss partner. 

Our central office is located 147 km from Budapest, in Kisujszállás, the cultural capital of Nagykunság, along the 4th main transport road.

Our rural offices are located in Fegyvernek and Ecsegfalva. (can be reached in 20 minutes)